Top Business Entrepreneurs Share Powerful Words to Inspire You!

“Stay Humble” A. Walker; “Enjoy Your Work” J. Luster, “Appreciate the industry’s uniqueness” N. Brooner, “Continue Your Education” J. Atchison; Invest in Quality”, Dr. Syed; “Be sensitive to the market trends and changing climates”; :Uniqueness is Key” M. Kim; Pursue Your Passion” S. Munis; “Support others”, (if you want to recieve support) J. Dudley; “Always give thanks” B. Bronner; “Make sure your product or service meets your consumers needs” W Stewart; “Complete your projects” M Ocasio; “Mentor for the future”, C Hammond; “Stay on top of trends” T.  Fisherman; “Foster Entrepreneurship” C McBride; “Maintain a Company MIssion”, S Armstrong; “Create Superior Products” C McBride;  “Look for Opportunities” N Washington; “Serve Your Community” G Jones; “Test for quality” F Luster; “Know Your Strengths” J Wright; “Keep Your Promises”, V Coley; “Guarantee Your Work:, J Kim; “Never rush a product to market”, H Syed; “SUCCESS IS EARNED” G Johnson; “Understand the Common Denominator” S Lee; Get Started, S Davis; “Know when to team up” A. Ali; “Create Opportunities” L Godston;  “Share Your Vision” C Curry; DELIVER VALUE, M LaGuardia; KEEP EVOLVING, M LaGuardia Sr.; “Gain practical experience”, T. Luster


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