TechnologyExpresso Radio Coverage of BDPA Conference – Race to Innovate

Check out what you missed or for those who were there reminence and reinforce all of the messages you heard.  Also hear from other conference goers about their experience.  As you are listening, go to and and update your membership, make a donation and start planning for 2015, Washington D.C. – 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Interview with Keynote Speaker Randal Pinkett:

Interview with Randal Pinkett, BDPA Conference Keynote Speaker

High School Computer Competition Winners

Earl Pace @bdpa_founder Shares why after 40 years theres still more work to do

Dr Jesse Bemley founder of BDPA high school computer competition

Michelle Cooke National BDPA HSCC program-manager

Pamela Sexton BDPA National Vice President Conference Director

Viola Thompson Executive Director of IT Senior Management Forum

Julius Clark National BDPA CIO

Mike Williams SVP of Enterprise Technology Services talks about Leadership

Conversation with Participants from BDPA Bronze Sponsor Wells Fargo about Job Op

Dwight Forbes talk about Platnium Sponsor HP’s POD Innovation

… And there’s more,  stay tune interviews and commentary on the 2014 National BDPA Conference – Race to Innovate that took place Aug 5 – 9th at JW Marriott in Indianapolis.  Make sure you don’t miss 2015!  Go to and follow us on twitter @techXOCafe #bdpa14 #techXOradio




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