What Were Minority Youth Doing this Weekend in Atlanta? Josie’s Fit STEAM Relay Challenge #JFSR2014

Josephine Reed Creator Josephine Reed HSCC Coordinator for atlantabdpa.org
STEAM Challenge Creator, Arthur Rozier

20141025_13421720141025_14061720141025_14044120141025_134802IMG_1035IMG_1036IMG_1037IMG_1038IMG_1039 IMG_20141025_153337 IMG_20141025_153212 IMG_20141025_153132 IMG_20141025_153122 IMG_20141025_151705 20141025_134505IMG_20141025_151454 IMG_20141025_151239 IMG_20141025_145914 IMG_20141025_145741 IMG_20141025_145722 IMG_20141025_145711 IMG_20141025_145440 IMG_20141025_144827 IMG_20141025_144814 IMG_20141025_144757 IMG_20141025_144632 IMG_20141025_121205IMG_20141025_143612


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