Technology Expresso Talk Radio and Information Cafe – A Labor of Love (Tech-XO-Cafe)

An Atlanta Husband and Wife Duo who both have had long careers in Information Technology also made the time in the last 2 years to create a platform for promoting and raising interest in STEM.  What first started out as an online radio program to promote STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is grown to a multi-social media engine.  They now have an archive of over 130 shows and podcasts that are available on demand.  They cover topics from young people exploring career options, Interns sharing their success stories, Mentors and Recruiters giving Job Search Advice, Women in Technology sharing their journey and many other accomplished Innovators, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Organizations leveraging and promoting STEM.
Jacqueline has been in IT for over 25 years a massing many accolades and awards.  She is an Associate Director and leads the business analysis of software solutions.   David is aif it doesn't challenge it doesn't change retired career military veteran who took his military education and applied it to a successful career in technology.  David leads and manages projects for financial transactional solutions. Put the two of them together and you don’t want to ignore what they have to offer!
They named their STEM Event promotion and production company, Technology Expresso sometimes called TechXOcafe for Short. They are well aware there is no X in Espresso.  There Expresso is inspired by the drink but they serve information to those who thirst for knowledge, innovation and inspiration!  Expresso is a way of describing the energy that comes from being creative, the excitement of solving problems, the bold ideas that generate innovation, and the  accelerated forward momentum when you think of Express and Espresso!
Over the past two years, Jacqueline and David, has grown a national following for their STEM Related Topics, Workshops, Bootcamps.  The radio show that kicked off in February 2012 via the online network blogtalkradio! But they quickly realized they needed a menu of media outlets to send out their message,  so the add twitter, facebook fan, pinterest, storify, wordpress, Instagram to their information menu thus going from just @TechXOradio to @TechXOcafe!
The show started because they hope is that instead of the information age becoming an age of the digital divide, they want it to be used to unify, be inclusive and foster diversity across STEM.  You’ll often see them using the hashtag #UnitedWeSTEM!
“As we were networking among other professionals, we discovered so many great stories, great innovative ideas and grassroot programs promoting STEM” that were virtually unheard of by the general public.”  We wanted to build a bridge between the Tech and Non-Tech communities and help get two way traffic going in this age of information.
you must be the changeWe know that people are have busy lives, so we need to serve up new information intense, quick, and in small portions – kind of like a daily dose of espresso which was what kept us energized!  Most of our best planning and ideas occurred in local coffee houses around Atlanta.
Our show is adaptive and dynamic much like the IT industry.  One episode we might be on location promoting a new initiative at a local high school, another we are interviewing a contestant from the Shark Tank, or a TED Fellow, the winner of the show Apprentice, we might be doing a twitter chat, entrepreneurs getting started or just the real everyday superstars with career and college advice!
We come up with an idea or our audience suggest an idea and we go for it.  One episode one of our followers interviewed us and did an awesome job.  We don’t just promote innovation we are about being innovative!  We aren’t just radio personalities telling people about STEM we were passionate and in love with STEM before the radio show.  So everything we do is authentic and a labor of love – thus you’ll see XO embedded in our abbreviated name (TechXOcafe)!
What we found was a whole untapped network of people like us, who love STEM and are passionate about their careers.  As we talked to and heard so many people wanting to connect with people and share their experience, wanting to mentor and help onboarding even more STEM talent, we realized that people with the BEST Ideas don’t always know how and where to market those concepts.   With the marketing and promotions we had to do to get TechXOcafe off the ground, we had gotten over the learning curve and now we could show others.  That’s when things really took off for us.
We did a few onsite appearances and creating memorable experiences for people who attended STEM events.  We were like a mobile STEM paparazzi!  Our first big event was the National BDPA Conference and AtlantaBDPA  Minority Executive Forum.  We provided the spotlight for STEM superstars and gave them a chance to shine.  We started to get invited to more events.  Since then people have been calling and asking us to promote, provide PR and produce their events and programs.  And we don’t know how to say “NO”!  We are help-aholics so we are more than happy to help.
So in 2015,  we will be doing more and will have a few more hands helping both out front and behind the scenes.  For this last year, Dawn M. has been our social media support and recently Anisah M. has been helping with our written and visual material.   We are also excited that we will be doing more with ourYoutube Channel.  The year isn’t over for TechnologyExpresso,  we have a BDPA Chapter round up, which is a show where all of the chapters from  across the united states will call in to share their status and upcoming programs for 2015 – again this is a new format and something a little different we are going to try.   And our group of entrepreneurs and non-profits that attend our social media bootcamp also have one last meet up this year!
There are two events that are setting the tone for 2015 already.   David and Jacqueline moderated a townhall meet up hosted by Technologist of Color, the topic was “What impact does technology and social media have on social activism?”,  Based on the almost 2 hour interactive conversation with a twitter chat going on in parallel there is already plans for other future collaborations in the works to turn the conversation into action to steer and attract young minorities into productive STEM careers!   Also being chosen to host the very successful book signing launch party for Mike Williams, The Advantage Factor, also set the foundation for others who are looking to partner with Technology Expresso to launch their “BIG IDEAS!
The momentum is quite remarkable!  As a result of their commitment to uplifting other positive people, they’ve in turn received considerable recognitionnothing changes if nothing changes and accolades.   This year David and Jacqueline receive recognition from the National BDPA, AtlantaBDPA.  They were featured members in November on  Jacqueline was listed in Who’s Who of Atlanta.  She was also nominated and an honoree at the (Women of the Year Awards).
“Some of the highlights, is meeting and helping people on platforms on twitter and then meeting them in person.  I like to say technology is an amplifier, we can use it to amplify all the good that is in the world!”  Jacqueline says. “The biggest thing is people have to come out of their comfort zone.  We live outside of our comfort zone and we look forward to where we are headed.”  David’s voice is the one each week that say’s “Listen. Learn. Leverage. Launch. Don’t be afraid.  We want to be your partners!   There is no dream to big or small!  We can help put the STE(A)M into that dream.”
There menu of services includes promoting, PR, socialmedia marketing start up or outsourcing and even promotion, planning and production.  We started this not because we wanted to make money,  we want to help you make money and not spend a lot until you are making money.  There are a lot of do it yourself options, but sometimes you still need a little coaching and sometimes you just need to hand it over.  We understand and can help either way – short term or long term. 
Our business model will connect you with other social media specialist who have proven success and have been qualified and approved by us.
We want to help you SOAR!   Join Us As We Use STE(A)M to Change the World! 
Join Our Text Alert Mailing List for Show Announcement – Text the Word “Launch” to 41411

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