Best of Technology Expresso Radio – 2014 Based on # of Listeners!

Top 12 Most Listened to Shows by Topic for 2014:

#1.  How to Transition into I.T. from Any Industry  (1/26/2014)

#2. Tech Expresso’s 1st Anniversary LIVE at Morehouse Universtiy HSCC Kick Off (1/18/2014)–live-morehouse-with-atlanta-bdpa

#3.  Technology Mid-Year Recap & Highlights

#4. A Conversation with Generation Next the Atlanta High School Computer Competition Team (6/22/14)

#5  Bold Career Moves Featuring Alphonse Porter (6/29/14)

#6. Conversation with Randal Pinkett Winner of the Apprentice Reality TV with Donald Trump

#7. From Frustrated to Franne-tastic with Franne McNeal–from-frustrated-to-franne-tastic

#8. Tori Dorsey Combines is part Fashionista & part Nerd (and Proud of It!) (7/26/14)

#9.  LIVE Competition Winners BDPA National HSCC Competition (8/10/14)

#10.  Table’s Turned – Technology Followers Interview David & Jacqueline (10/18/14)

#11. Black Men Run for their Health (App Creator) #BlackLivesMatter (12/9/14)

#12. BDPA End of Year Chapter Check In – 2014 Accomplishments & 2015 Plans  12/13/14)


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