What’s Brewing at the Technology Expresso (Inspiration) Cafe in 2015! #TechXO2015

2015 CountdownSlide21

1st Monday – Women In Technology Open Panel (Lavendar) ( March, June, September, December)

2nd Wednesday – Critical Thinking with Derrick S. Brown (January, April, July, October)

3rd Thursday – Creating an App with Sharon Simmons (January, February, March, April, May, June)

4th Tuesday – Job Seekers and Recruiter Dialog with Ken Reaves (January, March, May, July)

2nd Saturday – TXOCafe Book Club & Author Showcase (February, April, June)

2nd Saturday – Veteran Transition to Technology with David Blackman (July, September)

4th Saturday – Thought Leaders Encouraging Words with Felicia Jones ( January, February, June, July, October)

3rd Sunday – Innovator Showcase with David Blackman (Feburary, May, August, November)

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You can install it copy this link: http://fanapp.mobi/techxoradio

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THANK YOU TO OUR 2014 STEM Super Stars & Celebrities!  FULL STEAM AHEAD IN 2015…


Please Support Our #UnitedWeSTEM – Tshirt Fundraisers to Help Us Expand Our STEM Outreach to Students, Innovators, Entreprneurs & Veterans Visit:  http://www.tfund.com/DontGiveUp

This is NOT the Time to Give Up

 With Humble Gratitude to Our Listeners, Advisers, Family & Friends …. From Our Team @ TechnologyExpresso.comTechnologists of Color "Technology + Social Activism


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