How to go from App Idea to App $Store – If I Can Do It, You Can Too!

sharon simmonsGuest Radio Host: Sharon Simmons on (Monthly) 3rd Thursday

Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Technology Advocate and Entrepreneur, Sharon L. Simmons has created the ultimate guide for building your OWN App! As the CEO of software company, Trafalgar Solutions, and developer of her own iGotem’ App (Available on iTunes), Simmons teaches you, step-by-step, each tool you need to build the amazing App that you’ve always dreamed of having! The iGot’em App is global and yours can be, too!

Who is her target audience? Young boys and girls from ages 10-18 (and their parents and mentors)

Why is it important to encourage young people to create app? Technology is moving very fast and in order for our youth to be part of the new generation using technology. There must be a simple explanation to getting involved for every student. Encouraging youth with my book allows me to reach out and speak to those who feel like they are not part of this movement. As well and empower the one’s who have the courage to step out on faith and do it.

What inspired me to write the book? It was not easy for me to go from not knowing anything about the apps, marketing, business,social media,social technology just to name  a few. I wanted app creating to make sense to a person who has a bright idea for an app, without having to paying hundreds of dollars from start to finish.  I wanted to leave a legacy for my grandsons and great grands to come. I wanted to share with others that you can teach yourself whatever you desire.  If I can do you can surely do it!


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