How to Pitch Your Idea to Investors #PracticeYourPitch with TechXOcafe

Be Our Guest on Tech Expresso Radio
Be Our Guest on Tech Expresso Radio

Hello Tech Grinders,

Technology + Creativity =  Innovation : Expresso Yourself

As we are out and about we have become a magnet for innovators – some of the most imaginative and creative people in all of STEM.   These people (like yourself) are leveraging technology and social media like never before to reach their target market, to refine their niche, make strategic connections and to attract investors for funding. We are so impressed with our followers that we specifically want to open up our microphones.

We kicked of a new OPEN MIC Series – Practice Your Pitch!  We Launch our first episode on February 10th.

Open Mic – Practice Your Pitch – First Episode

inspired youth

To help us kick off the show was Sister Tawon founder of Inspired Youth to share with us the latest events including a launch of the Inspire Youth website followed by an mobile app.  She was also excited to share their received Investors after she successfully pitch her vision for the website and mobile app.

app showcase 1app showcase 2

Next to join us was Marcellus Haynes creator of Technologist of Color ( of Atlanta, who launched the very successful App Showcase event last month – 12 Application Creators shared their ideas, their vision and products.  They received feedback and questions from the audience similar to SharkTank.  It’s events like these that are

Next to join us was Sharon Simmons, she has pitch twice at the – South by Southwest Interactive and author of a step by step book for non-techies and young people on how to create an mobile app.  She successfully created a crime reporting app known as igotemapp.

sharon simmons

Next Month We want YOU to pitch your idea – whether it’s in the ideation stage or if you only have a working prototype or you are up and running but looking to take it to the next level.  Like all start ups, you could do so much more with the funding you need.  So we help you #PracticeYourPitch and we have people who have done the same thing on the show to provide you tips and feedback.  Check Out just a few of those tips and start practicing for our next Open Mic (March 9th – to receive a reminder join our automated text reminder – text the word Launch to 41411)idea pitch

Check Out The Top 3 Tips from the show that can is the holy grail and mecca for start ups.  Our own guest Bruno Francois ( won $500,000 and got 8 Million downloads from appearing on #SharkTank.  We look forward to having him back to give advice on the show.

Until then, make sure you listen to our previous Open Mic episode @ and also use these tips:

Want to Practice Your Pitch - Master Slide #1


Want to Practice Your Pitch - Master Slide

Our next Open Mic is March 9th.  If you want to be on the show and #PracticeYourPitch send us an email  or if you tweet, DM us at @techxocafe.

Month at a Glance
Month at a Glance

We can’t wait for our next show but in the meantime you can always reach out, leave a comment or catch us at one of our live events in and around Atlanta!

It’s Full STEAM Ahead – David & Jacqueline


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