STEM Hot Topic and Guest This Week – Join Felicia Phillips @thepinkmogul on Tuesday 9/8 @ 8pm EST

Join Us on Tuesday, September 8 @ 8pm EST.  We talk with @thepinkmogul Felicia Phillips about the 20150901_194429Pink Tech Institute and What’s Next!  We also will have attendees of the Summit held in Atlanta this year to share how they’ve applied what they learned at the 1 day workshop!

Join us online @   or call in @ 714-888-7506!

If you miss today’s LIVE broadcast, you can still go to the archive and listen to any of our previous episodes.  You can also down load the app from the Google Play Store to search and listen to our previous episodes!  And to get reminders of when a new episodes is On the AIR so you can listen in LIVE!

PINKtechSummit 7

PINKtechSummit 6PINKtechSummit 5PINKtechSummit 4

PINKtechSummit 3

PINKtechSummit 2

PINKtechSummit 1

PINKtech Institute

For more information go to or follow Felicia Phillips @thepinkmogul (twitter)


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