#AskAnAnalyst: Hopes and Predictions for 2017 1-10-17

Jacqueline: Hello! Welcome to #AskAnAnalyst. This is Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman along with Kupe Kupersmith. Hello Kupe! Kupe: Hello Jacqueline! Ready to kick the year off right. Let’s do it! Jacqueline: Absolutely! 2017. We’re hitting it #fullSTEAMahead. Really excited to start our first broadcast of #AskAnAnalyst. Those of you who have been following Kupe and I throughout […]

#AskAnAnalyst – 1 Year Anniversary: Breakthroughs and Changes 12/08/16

Jacqueline: Hello. We’re here: 1 year later. This is Jacqueline-Sanders Blackman of Technology Expresso here with Kupe on #AskAnAnalyst, the one year edition today, Kupe. Kupe: I know. Happy Anniversary Jacqueline! Jacqueline: We made it! We probably need some therapy, but we made it through. Kupe: We’ve had our ups and downs. Mostly ups, though. […]