#steamA2Z – G is for Globalization

Jacqueline: Today’s letter is G. G is for globalization. Globalization is the process by which businesses or organizations develop international influence or start operations on an international scale. There are some fears about the increase in globalization of the economy, the world, and all of the crossing over of boundaries, because with globalization you find […]

#steamA2Z – E is for Evidence

Jacqueline: E is for evidence. That’s our letter for today’s #steamA2Z podcast, one of our 10-minute SIP (STEM Information Podcast) series. Make sure to share with your friends. Go to technologyexpresso.net to see our podcasts. We’re going to go all the way through the alphabet and then start over with a different focus. Our word […]

#steamA2Z – C is for Collaboration

Jacqueline: Hello. C is for collaboration. On this episode of our STEAM Information Podcast, our SIP, I want to talk about collaboration. First, let me give you the context of collaboration. Collaboration is a purposeful relationship in which all parties strategically choose to cooperate in order to achieve shared or overlapping objectives. A lot of […]

#steamA2Z – B is for Brainstorming

Jacqueline: Hi. Welcome to another STEAM Information Podcast SIP. Our letter for today is B. B stands for brainstorming. That’s going to be our topic. Brainstorming: A lot of you may know this word. It’s a common catchphrase used in creative, innovative, design, and problem-solving type environments and discussions. Brainstorming—the definition—is a group of creativity […]